Lucy Litman’s Pantone ‘Pairing’ Food Cards

San Francisco based Lucia Litman, occasional photographer and food stylist, has been having fun documenting fresh food paired with Pantone swatches on her popular Instagram account.
Horrified by the lurid colors lurking in her processed breakfast cereal she was instead inspired to capture the natural diversity of color present in nature on camera. A regular at her local farmer’s market, she began to take delight in the color variation at play, particularly in fruits and vegetables and started matching them to Pantone cards.

Let’s see this inspirational work.

“Food has always been what’s inspired me most in my life,” says Litman. “My grandparents grew up in farming families, and my favorite memories growing up are planting and harvesting vegetables in their backyard. I was always amazed by nature and the idea that a tiny seed could produce such bountiful and vibrant food … the colors and variety of food continue to amaze me” she explains.

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