Best looks for your space – Bathroom Trends 2018


Maison Valentina

With each new year comes new trends in the interior design and decoration, in bathrooms included. Doesn’t matter your style or your taste you can refresh your bathroom with some simple touches and give to that space a new life.

The change could be in the color, a bold accent or a matte finish, what matters is the life that you bring to space.

Here it is a selected choice for bathroom trends for this year.


Maison Valentina

Let’s Star with Indigo Blue

Indigo is a deep midnight blue, a blue deep as the sea, the shades of blue are perfect for a bathroom, in particular, Indigo is set to make a splash. Is a color that promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. A perfect for after a day of hard work, you can take some time to yourself and relax.



Bold accents

The trick is in the accents. You don’t need much to change completely your space, add some splash of a bright color.

Colored baths and basins are coming back, but in bolder shades than 1970s avocado, adding a sense of drama and luxury.



Sunken baths

You can pamper yourself in your own home, and have an indulgent bath experience, by making your tub the star of the entire scheme.

For a truly sculptural look, opt for a bateau or slipper-shaped tub, and make a statement by sitting it in the middle of your room.

If that’s not possible, putting your bath on a raised platform or sinking it into the floor will make it a stand-out feature.




Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina



Narrow-fit furniture

Ultra-modern, high-gloss modular furniture can give any bathroom a light and spacious look – even if it’s not blessed with generous square footage.

Opting for wall-hung units achieves a feeling of openness: as more of the floor is visible, the eye is tricked into selling the space as both bigger and lighter.

These slimline wall cabinets are perfect for a narrow room – match them with a compact basin unit for even more storage for your products.
























































Maison Valentina 

Matt finishes

While gloss is still a great finish for small bathrooms as it reflects the light as for matt is proving be popular in larger spaces.





For Him and for Her showers

You may have already contemplated doing the double with washbasins to combat the morning bathroom rush. But for the next step, for him and for her shower.  Separate a

large walk-in space with individual controls and screens.




















Metallic glamour

Gold is definitely experiencing a renaissance now, but its important to set the right tone. Think gentle champagne and rose shades rather than showy orangey tones. And use metallics sparingly but with purpose.

A border of gold or copper mosaics surrounding plain field tiles behind a basin or bath, or in a shower cubicle, will give the feeling of glamour without veering into tackiness.








































Maison Valentina

Choose your pieces wisely and transform your bathroom to another beautiful room in your house.

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