5 Christmas Decor Trends for 2019 Not to Miss


written by Carlos Tavares

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, With the kid’s jingle belling And everyone telling you to be of good cheer, It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and in the spirit of Christmas, the trees and the enchanted lights. We bring to you 5 Christmas Decor Trends for 2019, and believe me you not want to miss them!

How about putting your socks in different places in the house?


We always put our socks on the fireplace I’m I, right? How about change that? put your sock and your family members on their respective chairs, or on the staircase of your house (it will give them a charming look to your home) and is the difference, and change is good too.

Paper Decorations


For those who love simple decor, paper decoration are a good choice. You can make beautiful ornaments only use wrap paper.

Spice up your fireplace


Nowadays almost every house has a fireplace, and it’s good on Christmas night we all getter round tell stories and open presents in a warm environment. You can use trims, wreaths or even garlands, it will give a homemade touch.

Bring Christmas in your modern bedroom


You can bring your Christmas spirit to your room by adding Christmas lights, you can even personalize it with Christmas trees, Christmas candles, and wreaths.

Garland Decorations


Garland is one of the most popular accessories for the Christmas season. You can use garland in your staircase, fireplace and on the windows.

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