No Valentine’s Date? No Problem. The Rising Trend of Being Single

Valentine’s Day is here, a special day to spend with your loved one but if you are one of the people that don’t have a romantic relationship in your life don’t dread this day.

New studies show that you are actually not that alone.. and the Single People Trend is thriving.

In 2017, the U.S. census reported 110.6 million unmarried people over the age of 18 — that’s 45.2 percent of the American adult population in the United States and research predicts that approximately one-quarter of young adults in US will never marry.(1)
In Japan a 2015 survey shows that one-third of Japanese adults under the age of 30 had never dated and over 40% were virgins.(2)

There are many reasons for these numbers: a growing need for independence and self-expression, individualism, demanding careers and digital connection – but does this mean single people are lonelier than married people?



Alone doesn’t mean Lonely

The common stereotype of single people is of being isolated and lonely. But based on studies from different countries the conclusion is that this conventional wisdom is wrong.

Compared to married people, single people have more friends, bigger social networks and become happier as they age.

Tinder Single People

credits: Tinder

One of the main explanations for these findings is that those who choose to marry enter into what researchers call a ‘greedy’ marriage, in which couples turn inwards and cut ties with friends and relatives. This, in turn, frequently leaves them feeling lonelier than their unmarried peers.

One strategy: Focus on creating a meaningful life now, think for yourself rather than trying to find a partner.

Tinder Single People

credits: Tinder

How Are Companies Adapting to the Rise of Singles?

Brands are adapting to this new concept in relationships and new trends in consumer behaviour are emerging:

Solo Dining

OpenTable, an online restaurant booking app, found that solo dining in New York increased by 80% between 2014 and 2018. And in Japan, the world capital of solo dining, a trend for “low interaction dining” has taken off. Restaurants are opening which facilitate the ultimate solo dining experience: passing bowls of noodles through black curtains into individual booths.

Ichiran Restaurant Solo Dining Trend

credits: @ichiranny

Ichiran Restaurant Solo Dining Trend

credits: @ichiranny


Small Living & Rent Over Buy

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 28% of households now comprise people living alone.

The Tiny Houses concept emerged strongly at the beginning of 2018. In a response to mass construction, architects have become more involved in the development of practical and innovative solutions for small spaces.

Olive Nest Tiny Homes

Millennial and Gen Z singles are also changing the landscape of the economy, starting with a preference to rent over buy. From favoring streaming services like Netflix over buying DVDs, to renting furniture and homes over purchasing.

Single’s Day: The New Black Friday?

Alibaba, the chinese e-commerce giant, invented Single’s Day to celebrate all the single people that have pride in singledom, as an antithesis to the romantically involved on Valentine’s Day.

It is now the world’s biggest online sales event and last year’s total sales exceeded Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s sales combined.

On 11/11, the “holiday” kicked off Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival, known as ‘Double 11,’ and drew in a record 31.82 billion dollars in one day.

Single's Day Alibaba

credit: Richway Group

Solo Traveling

Another millennial trend is solo travel, with 58% of millennials reporting that they’re willing to travel alone. In fact, booking platform Klook rates solo travel as the number one travel industry trend of 2019.

With Single’s Day picking up momentum around the globe, Jetstar Airways saw an opportunity to capitalize on the holiday and consumers’ increased interest in solo traveling. So last year, the airline offered deals for solo flyers from Singapore, hoping new, unattached consumers would take the plunge and book a vacation for one, which has been linked to feeling “refreshed and recharged.”

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