Contemporary Street Style is a movement for artists, creatives and makers. Arts and crafts become a reaction to the homogeneity and poor quality of mass manufacturing.

Bangkok University SAC by Supermachine Studio

Contemporary Street Style is a movement for creatives, artists, art shakers and social activists.

LightPathAKL-Monk Mackenzie Architects plus Landlab-New Zeland

Its a macro trend used for political messaging and bold statements. With this tense political climate and our collective feelings of uncertainty, comes an explosion of creative expression.

Pigalle-Ill Studio-Nike

Virtual communities also encourage the use of the style with political and personal messages, so fashion must rekindle its power of communication to express ideas, beliefs, and traditions of particular subcultures. In the future, we will see more of the Female Empowerment.

Roberta Einer

Women are expressing socioeconomic and cultural power, breaking out of stereotypes. We will see innovative creations in fashion approached with a new way of thinking. Intelligent and smart attitudes towards everyday dressing become ever more important, along with the continued idea of individuality. 

Monk Mackenzie Architects plus Landlab-New Zeland

Fashion will be prominent in the expression of the individuality of each person because the contemporary consumer will dress to suit higher own needs and personalities. Print spans romantic dark florals, masculine stripes, 70s geometrics, graphics, and color blocking.

Set in the Street- Justin Bettman and Gozde Eker

Color is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in the man-made architectural environment. 


The goal of color design in an architectural space isn’t relegated to only decoration anymore. Color evokes emotions and with a correct use can inject brightness, energy, dominance and positivity in a room and in consequence in the people that inhabit it. 

Glass Facades Curtain Walls by Vanceva
International Management Institute

The application of a mixture of bold colors – pairing a few solid hues to create a single bold look – may have started on the fashion runways, but it’s also a great decor tactic. A graphic mix of bright paint, upholstery, and flooring injects a room with playful personality and dimension.

The Cool House sydnwey

Pixelated shapes and overlapping layers give illusory depth to flat surfaces. Manipulations and errors are encouraged in the making process, adding character and individuality.


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