Moodboard Collection | Mix Metals Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Continue with our Ultimate Interior Decoration Trends for 2019. Today we show how you can use mix metals trends so you can create gorgeous home decor.

Mixing metals is back you can choose to pair brass with chrome, copper with yellow gold, rose gold with stainless steel, or any combination of the above, your fixtures and decor are sure to pop from the decidedly unexpected complementary metallic finishes.


While copper and rose gold were flashy and fun in the age of millennial pink, we see them on its way out, making room for more natural-looking metals.
Anodized surfaces are having it’s moment now. Having an anodized surface allows us to work with both simple and bold colors on metallic surfaces though with a matte and subdued expression.
Chrome arrives on cue with the upcoming year’s standout hues that embody the warmer spectrum of the color wheel.

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When comes to metals you can play with warm and cool metallic tones. The days when you need to match the metals now you can be mixed them and you know why? When you mixed metals, you elevate your space with a cultivated style and unexpected twist.

Doesn’t matter the color palette you choose between warm colors golds, brass and copper or cold colors silver nickel and steel, you can mix and match these color palettes for a sophisticated aesthetic.

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