Top 5 Picks at Paris Design Week 2019

written by Tiago Carvalho

Paris Design Week is a fair for design lovers or professionals. If you are taking your first steps into this world and always be a step ahead especially if you want to be ahead of your competitors in the area. Paris Design Week is fast in what is becoming the definitive cultural counterpoint that is raising the bar for design weeks across the world. So here are our selection of top 5 picks about Paris design week 2019.

1.Pool for CVL Luminaires

The designer of this project, who is also art director at Mingardo, bought her creative story to an installation at the fair, together with new launches.

2. The designer of the year

The designer of the year, Cecilie Manz, was chosen for her experimental flair. The Danish designer was displaying her talents at the fair by creating an installation of new designs, showing how they often intertwine. ‘Gâteau’ (as you can see from the picture above pictured) is inspired by her work with B&O Play and knack for designing in aluminum. Its a wooden tray is placed on an anodized aluminum ring, acting as a display area for cake (or other equally precious objects).


The German design brand has tapped three different designers (Sebastian Herkner, Hermann August Weizenegger, and Michael Schmidt). Herkner’s addition to the collection includes a range of translucent hand-blown glass side tables in different frosted finishes; while whimsical floor lights by August Weizenegger take cues from the shape of a heron.

4.Mathieu Lehanneur at Christie’s Paris

The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur continues his aquatic theme with a solo exhibition at the Parisian auction house. ‘50 Seas’ is inspired by the eclectic hues of the oceans. The show features 50 enameled ceramic works mounted onto the wall, each suggesting a geographic locale, from the Gulf of Guinea to the Bay of Bengal.

5.Rising Talents awards

In this case, a star-studded list of six judges, have chosen six exciting emerging Italian designers.

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