Self expression is shaping a new era

Self Expression is shaping a new era


Theres’s no doubt “expression” is a subjective matter. When it comes to self expression it really starts to trying to define this concept in an objective or physical “something”. Expression is a personalization of belief, a true expression becomes real when it makes a statement and reflects thoughts. Self expression is a bolder tool for those who have that strong need to really materialize their own realities. That’s why it is so difficult to understand the limbo that define and manifest share. Our fashion choices play a huge role in this question, exposing ourselves to a stage of intolerance and judgment. Inclusion is the biggest trend for the next decade. With all the fuss around racism and prejudice, the world of fashion is an open door to a fearless argument.


1.Individual Expression


Since early ages we are socially educated to morally use certain types of clothes. Don’t you remember?
Pink is for Girls, blue is for boys – Now that boundary was smashed by the numerous hypotheses and expressions around the world. Everyone is free to put some clothes, and undress them how whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean what I wear is a force of my own expression as an individual. That is a social misunderstanding! Fashion introduces a managing tool to fit all needs and circumstances. Even when you don’t need to express, “express it” is far more revolutionary. Defining is definitely not a synonym of
expressing, let that task for those who really are able to do it – Every single one!

2.Proud Labels


Fashion doesn’t act as a cage for freedom and expression, I mean it is the actual opposite, its a mark on a personal progression and growth. Sexuality, religion, (…) labels to reflect pride and identity.
But the emerging design it’s not also as visionary and refreshing as it’s honest and true to itself. A revolutionary state of mind. Fashion took over the world as a powerful instrument to criticize and brutally portray the era we live in.

3.Manifest Pre Assumptions


The influence of capitalism brought us to a stage of shame and hide, spotlighting trades of corruption and censorship. Emerging designers are decoding the intricate map of fundamental and prominent issues based on social or ecological genesis and using fashion as a war weapon. Undressing stereotypes and ambiguous prepositions, gender orientations are a target to address. There’s no pre assumptions manifesting and ultimately we are all self expressing .

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